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Bloom Baby Planners is thrilled to announce our partnership with Diddalido, an indoor infant and toddler play center in San Bruno.  We will be offering Infant Care and Parenting classes and Toddler Development Classes.  Please note that registration prior to the class is required.  Our July schedule is as follows:

Understanding Your Toddler’s Behavior

Monday, July 9th 1:00pm to 3:00pm

This 2 hour education course is designed for parents, grandparents and child care providers of children aged 1-3.  The class will begin with a discussion of normal toddler growth and development and how their abilities and needs develop over these 2 years.  I will also explain how their emerging personalities and quest for independence affect their behavior.  I will offer tips and suggestions for coping with and discouraging negative behavior, as well as suggestions for encouraging positive behavior.  Participants will be given time to ask specific questions regarding their child, listen to comments and suggestions from other members of the group and gain support from others during this fun,  but often frustrating,  time in their child’s life.

$40 for one adult and one child (includes all-day access to Diddalidoo Play Center)

$35 for second adult, $10 for each additional sibling

 Infant Care and Parenting Class

Thursday, July 26th 7:00pm-10:00pm

 This one night course designed for expectant parents, grandparents, siblings and child care providers answers these and many more questions.  The class teaches (or refreshes) basic infant care skills including feeding, diapering and bathing.  Hands-on instruction using a life-sized doll is included.  Additional topics addressed are infant safety, recognizing signs of illness, necessary supplies and adjustment to parenthood.

$45 per person

Classes taught by Suzanne Einsiedl, RN, MSN, PNP of

Bloom Baby Planners

 (415) 297-7675

 Classes offered at Diddalidoo

544 San Mateo Drive

San Bruno, CA 94066

(650) 741-9065

To register please contact Bloom Baby Planners or Diddalidoo

Infant Care Classes also offered by Bloom Baby Planners in Redwood City.  Please contact us for dates and locations.  Private classes also available by appointment,


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