Now That You Have Bloomed

Basic Newborn Care

You watched the videos, you took the classes, but you’re still too nervous to give a sponge bath, change a diaper or trim the baby’s nails.  Once the baby is home, we can come give you a demonstration, assist you as you care for the baby or even do it for you.

Lactation Support

Whether you have basic questions regarding breastfeeding or are having difficulty latching or establishing your supply, we can help you or refer you to a Lactation Consultant for more in-depth assessment and education.

Custom Baby Sleep Plans

We will develop and help you implement a sleep plan based on your parenting style, personality and family dynamic.

Establishing a Routine

Establishing a routine that meets both your needs and your baby’s is essential.  We will help you set goals, establish priorities and write a plan that will help ease your transition into parenthood.

1st Outing Assistance

We’ll help you pack the diaper bag, stock your car and get out of the house.  We will offer suggestions for running errands and increasing productivity while having a baby in tow.

Return to work planning

You just got comfortable with your maternity leave routine, and now it’s time to return to work.  We will make suggestions and help you adjust your routine to make this transition seamless on both you and your baby.

24/7 New Parent Support

No matter how much reading or how many classes you attended prior to the birth of your baby, you will have questions once the baby arrives.  We will answer your questions, offer support and help you feel more self-assured in your parenting abilities.

Child Proofing

You want to allow your child free exploration of your home, but you need to make sure they are protected from harm at the same time.  We work with child safety professional who will ensure your home is child-proofed and safe for your little one.

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